What all of our designs are based around?


Without architects and designers the world may be a vastly different place.  We have the ability to create beautiful spaces that serve functional purposes.  As a design firm, our aesthetic sensibilities rely on the best designer available: Mother Nature. We strive to create functional, beautiful spaces that are at home with the natural environment in which they are situated.


We believe design and functionality do not need to come at the cost of the environment. Using new building materials and new design practices, we can help reduce our carbon footprint – all without sacrificing quality or increasing the cost of a project.


It is in the benefit of the client, the consultants, and our own company to be as efficient as possible.  We have vast improvements in time and accuracy by strictly using BIM software.  This tool allows us to streamline drawings while providing a truly accurate representation of what will be constructed.


Kore Design Architecture is a architecture firm based out of New Jersey with projects in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia.