Google AI (Artificial Intelligence)

On May 8-10, Google released something awesome, their new Google AI Assistant. During the event they demonstrated a situation in which the AI was able to call to set up a reservation by calling and talking to the person at the business on it’s own, as per the owner’s direction. Generating live time data for all it’s users. WHAT? WOW! This may excite some people. This may make others nervous. Here at Kore we’re excited about what possibilities this push in AI may bring about.  Making mundane tasks’s a thing of the past will be a great start and the rest will be icing.

In regards to Architecture:

For us architects, it will allow us to become more productive (this is also true for other fields) and able to focus on the more difficult tasks day to day rather than being stuck working on the more mundane, monotonous general busy work.

What are your thoughts?

Where do you stand on this? What are your thoughts: excited? Nervous?