About a year ago we announced that we were now able to create “Marketing Plans” for our clients. How is this beneficial for you, you may ask? Using these marketing plans that we are able to create you will be able to communicate the layout of a space and its potential to your prospective clients.   What does this mean? For a lot of people who don’t spend too much time looking at floor plans or architectural drawings, it may be difficult to decipher and fully comprehend what they are looking at (see images below for comparison on how architectural plans and marketing plans differ). Let alone begin to imagine what they are able to do with the space. We’re solving that problem by offering these marketing plans that will allow you to effectively communicate with the future renter, buyer what they are able to achieve with the space.

Architectural plan that may prove to be difficult to read and understand 

Sample Marketing plan that we at Kore Design are able to provide for you

As you can see from the images above there is a vast difference in language of both images.  With these marketing plans we are able to offer you a legible marketing product that you can then turn around and pitch to your potential customers. As a developer or a realtor this will prove to be a key tool in your arsenal.

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