Last week we talked about the marketing plans that we create to help communicate the design intent effectively with clients who may not be accustomed to reading architectural drawings.  But plans, elevations and sections are simply not enough to communicate all the intricacies within the project.

We create these 3d representative drawings to help visually depict the space in relationship to the equipment, furniture and casework. These drawings allow the client to not have to imagine what the space is going to look like in their mind but rather see a 3D representation of what the space would look like.

As you see in the two images above we break out each room and provide views from different angels to allow the viewer to see and understand the space fully. In these axons we include as much information as possible (i.e. wall mounted equipment, furniture, plumbing fixtures, casework, outlets, glazing, etc…) to help the viewer understand where all the equipment and furniture is located and have a definite understanding on how the room[s] spatially lay out.

Our clients are able to navigate between the enlarged plan area and the axons seamlessly and able to communicate back to us with a clearer understanding if and whether things need to move and we are able to tackle this very early on in the design process and negate any cost occurrences during construction.


If you are interested in learning more about this and would like us to provide this for you on your project, please feel free to contact us. We would love to help you achieve your dreams.

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