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Laser scan of ENT project under construction

Laser scanning is a non-contact technological process that digitally captures and documents the shape of rooms and objects using a laser light. The scanner uses the laser to create "point clouds". Point clouds are a cluster of dots that lay where the laser hits a surface (i.e. floor, wall, ceiling or object). Simply put, laser [...]

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Using BIM is essential

In an earlier post we talked briefly about understanding BIM. Arch Daily recently posted an article showing 10 projects in which BIM was essential. The article talks about how the BIM process was integral in helping the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) teams be on the same page, produce exact dimensions for fabrication and complete [...]

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Drones and Robots in Construction

We recently came across this article on Arch Daily showing a sculptural pavilion structure that was built by robots and drones as a project by Institute for Computational Design and Construction and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design at the University of Stuttgart. This moth web-like pavilion is 12 meters and 1 [...]

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Buildings Going Green

Generally in architecture when someone refers to a building as ‘green’ they are referring to the fact that the buildings are built with environmental requirements and the conservation of energy in mind. In this recent WSJ article by Ken Wells he talk about structures that are green in a different way.  A biophilic way. Biophilia [...]

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Art Deco Buildings mapped out in Philadelphia

Ever wonder how many Art Deco buildings there are in Philadelphia and where they are? In a recent article written by Melissa Romero and Anna Merriman on Phily Curbed they recognized that Philadelphia does not often get recognized for the Art Deco architecture it has. They mapped out all of these buildings and if you’re interested in [...]

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